Level 3 Exclusive Managed Services for Plastics Manufacturer

The Client

This company is a manufacturer of plastic packaging, fibers, and engineering resins.

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  • High costs of existing recycling operation
  • Performance and quality levels below standard
  • Using contract/full‐time workforce mix
  • High turnover
  • Labor supply, attendance, and turnover needed to be managed
  • No orientation or on‐boarding programs for contract employees
  • Blended workforce was counter‐productive


Exclusive Managed Services provided the following solutions:

  • Analysis of operation and performance measurements
  • Complete outsource of the operations’ labor and supervision
  • An operational client specific onsite management team
  • Aggressive establishment of recruitment resources
  • A tailored recruiting, screening, and selection program
  • Customized orientation and on‐boarding
  • Processed scheduling and precise labor delivery on time
  • Contract workforce management
  • Employee surveys for process improvements
  • Weekly measured compliance
  • Quality performance reporting and analysis
  • Implemented STOP, a behavioral-based safety awareness program


  • Achieved 100% compliance with labor delivery requirements
  • Improved performance and quality results above standard
  • Average fill rate of 24 hours from time of order
  • Reduced labor requirement through increased productivity
  • Established monthly KPI reviews for program assessment
  • Established quarterly continuous improvement goals
  • Provided annual savings of $1 million