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OpSource Staffing opened our first office in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and our main location is still there today.

We’ve been fortunate enough to lead our clients to success — and ourselves to expansion — and have five offices located in North and South Carolina.

All of our offices are equipped to provide customized staffing services, as well as to help job-searchers get connected to a new career.

Although we continue to grow and expand through the success we’ve brought to job-seekers and companies searching to hire for long-term or short-term staffing needs, one thing that will never change is our belief in building a business on the principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty and servant leadership.

Are you a job-seeker looking to apply or interested in finding out what new opportunities are available? We’d be happy to help!

Are you a company looking to hire for traditional staffing (including hiring in the skilled trades)?

Find your OpSource Staffing office and give us a call or contact us at any time to apply, get started hiring, or learn more about our customized staffing solutions.

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