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Questions to ask an HR provider in Upstate, SC

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Questions to ask an HR provider in Upstate, SC before outsourcing, OpSource Staffing, South Carolina

If you’re looking into outsourcing an HR provider for your company in Upstate South Carolina, this is a necessary time to ask essential questions.

Here are a few basic questions you should be asking potential consulting companies before you decide to outsource them for your HR needs.

What do HR consulting services cost?

It’s important to not only know how much an HR consulting company is going to charge you for their services, but you should also find out how they’re going to charge you. Monthly? Quarterly? What methods of payment do they accept? How do their rates compare to other HR consulting companies in the Upstate?

When you compare one consulting company’s cost to another’s, it’s important to find out why the costs vary. Does one provider have more experience than another? Does one company offer a greater number of generalized services while another HR provider focuses on fewer, more specialized services?

Rather than looking at consulting costs as a straightforward number, take a more in-depth look at the company in its entirety when you’re shopping for an HR provider in Upstate, SC.

How long does the contract last?

You don’t want to be tied down to an HR provider for longer than you need it or want it. What if the consulting company you’re currently considering has limited capacity, and your business outgrows them? You need to know that your contract allows you to move on when the timing is right for you. Or, if you anticipate outgrowing your provider within two years, don’t sign a contract that lasts longer than that.

Can you demonstrate success?

It’s expected that you’d ask for references when bringing on a new employee, so why wouldn’t you want references before you hired the consulting company? After all, they’re going to do most of your hiring.

When you consider a consulting company’s references, find out if they can prove that they were successful with other companies that are similar to yours. It’s very possible that an HR provider might be successful with one type of business but clueless when it comes to another.

Make sure your potential consultancy has experience with your type of business. The following aspects of your company could affect whether or not an HR provider has success in working with you:

  • The size of your company
  • The industry you’re in
  • Your location and service area
  • Your target demographic

If an HR consulting company drops the ball in any one of these areas, your business could suffer as a result.

Is there room for customization?

An HR provider must fit your company’s culture. Things like communication style and flexibility matter. If your company is extremely formal and professional, then don’t choose a consulting company that positions themselves as casual and unconventional.

If your company expects to expand throughout the Upstate, find out if your HR provider is prepared to grow with you and customize their services to meet your needs. Experience in a company is great, but sometimes more experience means that the company has an established way of doing things and may be unwilling to customize.

OpSource Staffing offers customized HR services for our clients because we know that every company is unique, and we like it that way. Let us know what questions you have for us about HR consulting!

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