Customized Staffing Solutions That Invest In Your Success

In a world of staffing agencies that prioritize short-term figures over the long-term success of employers and employees, OpSource Staffing stands apart from the crowd. Our customized staffing solutions paired with our servant leadership approach allows you to get the greatest value of service capabilities with a single service provider. Providing customized services for all stages of your business planning, each service is designed to meet your needs when and where you need them. Our service spectrum takes you from the tactical to the strategic in human resource service support. OpSource can provide you with traditional temporary help, managed staffing services (EMS), as well as complete outsourcing of people, processes, and technology.

Perhaps you’re a skilled tradesman searching for welding, electrical, or plumbing work; or maybe you’re looking for traditional short-term work. On the other hand, perhaps you’re the employer who’s hoping to hire temporary or longer-term staff for small- or large-scale projects. Regardless of where you fit, you do fit, and OpSource Staffing is ready to connect our great people to the great companies who can utilize their skills.

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Traditional Staffing Solutions, Staffing, Staffing Solutions, Jobs, OpSource Staffing, South Carolina

Traditional Staffing Services

We’ve placed our focus on fulfilling needs for industrial staffing, placing competent, professional workers in positions ideally suited to their experience, skills, and the company’s needs. Searching for a forklift driver, warehouse employee, pickers and packers, or hoping to fulfill other industrial staffing requirements? Are you a worker searching for a job who is ready and willing to work hard, build on your current employment experience, and you’ve been on the hunt for a staffing company that cares about your success just as much as the success of the company that hires you?

Jobs, Staffing Solutions, Staffing, Employment, OpSource Staffing, South Carolina

Skilled Trades

We have staff dedicated to fulfilling employer needs in the skilled trades and helping skilled tradesmen find work, bringing excellent opportunities together with hardworking, skilled employees searching for a job. We’ve worked with welders, electricians, and other skilled tradesmen for years, so we’ve got the edge on other staffing companies who don’t prioritize employee experience and potential. Our focus isn’t just on finding workers, but on finding the right skilled tradesman for the job, every time.

Exclusive Managed Services, Staffing, Staffing Solutions, OpSource Staffing, North Carolina

Exclusive Managed Services

The pinnacle of customized staffing solutions, EMS is perfect for longer-term or temporary staffing needs for large-scale projects that require a minimum of 50 employees. We can scale up to suit what you’re looking for and ensure you have the people to get the job done on time. Our Exclusive Managed Services are available nationwide. We do the heavy lifting of staffing and hiring for the job anywhere you need us to go. Ideal for large construction projects or longer-term staffing needs.

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HR Consulting Services

The largest single resource of most companies? Their people. When your business utilizes a large staff, managing employee interactions, needs, and requirements can become an expensive headache. OpSource provides experienced HR Consultants to take on the job of managing your employees’ HR needs, while letting your business focus on investing in future success.

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At OpSource Staffing, Our #1 Focus is You We listen carefully to our clients to identify their specific and unique staffing needs; then, we craft a customized staffing solution that meets their requirements and their budget. Operating on Biblical principles of honesty, integrity, loyalty and servant leadership, we’re here to help businesses locate the employees they’re searching for — and to help employees get connected with a new career. Reach us by phone in our Spartanburg office at (866) 870-8133 or contact us online at any time to get started.