A New Level of HR Managed Services

What is OpSource EMS?

Exclusive Managed Services is a fully integrated on-site managed service model that delivers qualified labor for daily, seasonal, or cyclical assignments in a timely manner. This is a strategic progression from the traditional branch-based approach to companies with labor-intensive needs and contingent workforces of 50 contractors or more.

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EMS is Different

Exclusive Managed Services

  • Screens only for you
  • Provides an exclusive database only for you so that you and only you get the right person for the right job
  • Offers a fully integrated service that can address seasonal and strategic staffing needs. With EMS as your outsourced managed service provider, you can gain efficiencies in production, lower your workforce costs, and stay lean.

Traditional Branch-Based Services

  • Recruit and screen candidates for 20-30 other clients in a given market
  • Use a general database for multiple clients that compete for the best talent
  • Respond to the job order

The flexibility of the EMS model allows an organization to utilize their contingent workforce in a strategic manner, keeping the organization efficient and profitable in the event of market change.

It’s Like You’re Our Only Client

EMS works solely as an embedded human resource MSP within your operation. Our goal is to fuse with your organization and operate in-sync with your management as we take a completely tailored approach to:

  • Contract administration
  • Selection and hiring
  • Previewing
  • Retention
  • Database development
  • Quality controls

Most importantly, everything about this HR management service is customized exclusively for you.

Workforce Transformation

Our goal is to transform your workforce into a strategic competitive advantage. EMS helps achieve the right balance between staffing, administrative and financial objectives.

Just Imagine…

  • Labor in-sync with demand. The flexibility of having skilled labor for daily, seasonal, or cyclical assignments when you need them keeps you efficient and profitable in the event of any sudden market change.
  • Right people for the right job. We use the most powerful, proven assessments in the industry that test, evaluate and select the appropriately skilled people for the job you need filled.
  • A workforce with a competitive advantage. EMS is a workforce development program designed to help control and lower the overall cost per hour to produce.
  • A greater return on your money. EMS offers you the opportunity to consolidate other contract services to simplify your overall process, reduce cost and consolidate oversight.


Tiered Solutions with EMS

  1. Seasonal Flexibility: The EMS program can begin by supplying labor for ramp-ups, seasonal swings, entry-level hires, leaves of absence, and fill-ins.
  2. Progressive Flexibility: The EMS program can also provide contracted replacement of full-time positions through natural attrition with lower wages and benefits. Year over year, this begins to lower your overall cost per hour to produce.
  3. Planned Flexibility: EMS offers employers a way to retain skilled employees at a lower cost.

Let’s Talk!

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