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Tips for selecting an HR consulting company

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Tips for selecting an HR consulting company, OpSource Staffing, South Carolina

Some companies make the jump quickly; others try various approaches before coming to the same conclusion: They need to hire an HR consulting company.

Regardless of how or when you arrive at this conclusion, it’s important that when you do, you select the right people to do the job.

Human resource management is no easy task, and the people who do it should not only be qualified, but also have the ability to connect with your employees. Take our advice on selecting an HR consulting company to partner with your business.

Strength in numbers

You can hire an independent HR consultant, or you can hire an entire team of consultants. With one person (even if they’re excellent at their job), their HR knowledge is limited to what they know as an individual and what they have the time and capability to find out.

You’ve heard the warning about putting all of your eggs in one basket, right? When you hire a team to handle your HR affairs, they can pool their expertise together, and you avoid making that one-basket mistake. The result is a higher level of HR support.

Experience versus expertise

Your HR services company must be the trusted expert for all issues that affect your employees.

Remember, though, that the issues that affect employees often vary from one company to the next, and many HR consulting companies specialize in a specific type of HR. Therefore, just because a consulting company has 20 years of experience, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the right fit for your company. They must be experts in the things your company needs if they’re going to provide the benefits and support you’re paying for.

Of course, before you can determine what specialities an HR consultant at your company should have, you must determine what your company’s goals and interests are. Is employee training and engagement a priority? Do you need help with staffing? Is your current staff requesting professional development opportunities? Could they benefit from more meaningful employee performance reviews? These are the types of things that the right HR consulting company can help you tackle.

Not sure about your potential consultant’s level of experience? Don’t be afraid to interview them. You can even request a business plan. This will give you an idea of the direction they plan to take your company.

Capacity and availability

Whether you’ve consciously made a list or not, you probably have a general idea of what you expect from the HR consultant you hire. However, it’s important to realize that not everyone’s expectations are the same. In fact, they’re usually very different and should therefore be discussed.

One CEO might plan to bill an HR services company for 10 hours a week, while another might expect an HR team to be available around the clock. Avoid confusion, miscommunication and disappointment by identifying your own expectations and verbalizing them to the HR consulting company before you officially hire them. This also gives the outsourced HR team the opportunity to explain their own availability and capacity and describe their expectations.


The closer your HR consulting company is, the more connected they’ll be to your employees — and your employees to them. Not only is it easier for a local consultant to drop in and build relationships with your team, but a consultant who works nearby has a better understanding of the laws and restrictions that are unique to your state, county and city.

A business in South Carolina would have much better success with an HR services company in the Upstate than they would with one on the West Coast. If you’re a Southeastern business in need of HR management, contact OpSource Staffing today! We’re a loyal partner with businesses across the Carolinas, and we’d love the opportunity to also work with yours!

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