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What EMS Can Do For You

Business, Interview, Jobs, Job Search, Employment, Work, A Calling, OpSource Staffing, South Carolina

Business, Interview, Jobs, Job Search, Employment, Work, A Calling, OpSource Staffing, South Carolina

What can Exclusive Managed Services do for your business?

There’s managed services, and there’s Exclusive Managed Services (EMS). The difference is in the benefits — and there are a lot of them.

Let’s take a look.

Handle 50+ employees

Most HR managers know that once a company crosses the 50-contract employee threshold, human resource work gets a lot more complicated, especially if you are dealing with several different agencies. Exclusive Managed Services isn’t just equipped to handle a large workforce; it’s designed for it. The 50-contract employee threshold is only the beginning for EMS. We can design and support a contract workforce to whatever level you need.

Manage turnover

Exclusive Managed Services deals with the intricate and delicate process of employee turnover. Not only do they manage the coming and going of your contingent workforce, but your EMS team will also work with you to reduce your turnover rate. How? Well, that brings us to our next point.

Secure quality hires

The reasons for turnover are varied, but many times it’s simply because the contract employees are not a good fit for a company. High turnover is a result of hiring the wrong people again and again. EMS brings ownership to your contract workforce program with a quality assurance program that measures, analyzes, and develops real solutions to address the issue of turnover. Through EMS skill vetting, we help companies identify the people that will be good fits for the positions they’re seeking to fill.

Not only do they hire the right people, but they know where to find them (which is half the battle, after all). Unlike many managed service providers, EMS actually goes out into the market to find job seekers and maintains an ongoing bench of qualified employees so that they can place people when the right opportunity opens up.

Another way EMS secures quality hires is by holding job fairs on behalf of their clients (your company). At these job fairs, OpSource EMS doesn’t promote itself as many other agencies do – we promote you. The benefit of promoting your company instead of an agency is that job seekers are much more likely to apply for positions when they know the company they are going to.

Navigate a contingent workforce

The only thing more difficult than finding quality hires who will stick with a company is finding quality hires who are interested in seasonal or short-term employment. If your company operates on a schedule where workloads fluctuate with the seasons and demand short-term employees, then EMS is the service provider to guide you through those challenges.

EMS will design and maintain a bench of qualified candidates that can accommodate a temporary increase in demand as well as seasonal dips.

While hiring contract workers is often challenging, the employer benefit is that contracted employees typically work harder as long as the potential for a permanent position is on the table. This can have a positive result over the entire workforce.

Provide on-site support

On-site managed services can provide an increased level of support because you’ll have a team at your company, with your people, and dedicated to both. Here are some natural benefits of that:

  • Faster service. When your managed services are onsite, you can expect a much faster fill time for your orders. This is because with EMS on-site, there’s no question about who owns your service need. You don’t have to worry about your requests getting lost in the shuffle or passed from one person to the next because everyone is expecting someone else to do it.
  • Priority service. With EMS, you don’t have to wonder if your company is being overlooked in favor of another company that’s higher paying. EMS is not out trying to fill orders for multiple companies. It’s like you’re our only customer.
  • Customized service. With EMS, everything about your program is customized exclusively for you. This results in bringing you the most qualified job candidates. Our resources, including our candidate pool is devoted exclusively to you, and not shared with other clients.

Save you money

Most people assume that just because a service is exclusive and onsite, it’s going to be more expensive. But that’s the beauty of EMS! As an on-site “branch,” EMS is self-supporting, and the cost associated with maintaining an on-site “branch” is much lower than maintaining an in-house recruiting department. You provide the space, and we build the workforce. EMS is essentially an extension of your own company, and it can go wherever you need it to go.

Here are some more ways EMS is more cost-effective:

  • OpSource can support your workforce at costs that are 25-30% lower than you can support the same workforce. Your loaded rate is often $15-20K per person, per year; more than an OpSource contracted employee.
  • OpSource offers a Tiered Program that can strengthen your workforce development, provide the same capacity of coverage and save you money. This scalability increases retention, and still costs you less to produce the same amount of work or better.
  • The EMS consultation is free. We’d love the opportunity to meet with you to talk through your pain points and then develop a plan to address them.

Job-seekers and Employers, if you would like to discuss how OpSource Staffing Inc. can help you call us at (866) 870-8133 or Contact Us.

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